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Fruta Planta Strong Version

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Fruta Planta Strong Version is the strong version of original fruta planta, which has 20 more ingredients and it is a 100% all natural weight loss supplement

The ingredients of

Reduce Weight Fruta Planta are from plants that have been used for centuries in holistic healing and weight loss practices. Each individual ingredient contains its own special health benefits

•Lemon: Lemon is a nutritional fruit which rich in vitamin C, can quench thirst and water down the cravings for food
•Bitter Melon: The tropical fruit contains bioactive compounds that are known for regulating metabolism. Bitter melon stimulates healthy digestion.
•Papaya: A natural source of vitamin A and C. Papaya promotes health digestion from its enzyme papain, which not only can break down protein, carbohydrates, but also fat
•Benefit fruit (Mangosteen): This fruit has natural weight loss properties. It is also an antioxidant.
•Spirulina Maxima - "Vitamin enriched" antioxidant and appetite suppressant.
•Radish Fruit
•Fruit Gum

Authentic Fruta Planta Strong Version is Laser Marked with FP and it is green soft gel packed in bottl

[Specification]: 30 grain per bottle for one month supply
[Usage and dosage]: one capsule before breakfast with boiled water, one day one capsule.
[Storage]: Keep in cool and dry place.
[Shelf life]: 24 months
[Caution]: Children, pregnant woman and patients who have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus or kidney disease can't take this product
[Supervising Manufacturer]: Guangzhou Yanxiang Biology Technology Development Co.,Ltd (GMP certified enterprises)
[Manufacturer]: Hainan Zhongxing Natural Heathy Food Co.,Ltd
[General Distributor]: Guangzhou Zirantang Medicine Health Care Co., Ltd
[Address] 105, Guangzhou North Road, Guangzhou

Fruta Planta

by Becky Vargas
Fruta planta works for me, i lost a lot of weight, from size 12 to 10 now :D

by Janie Cooper
Day 4 3lbs won, fruta plants is effective so far

by Laura Frost
Good product, the second time to buy, probably I fit for it,lost 9 pounds in a month, not easy to be hungry in the stage of the medication,love to drink water. The seller's service is very good, I hope I can be turned into a beautiful body to wear nice clothes!

by Harri Abouzaid
I was 156 pounds and now I am 145 pounds. So I lost a lot of weight compared to other diet pills that I had tried. when I tried other things I was always disappointed with results, but with fruta planta strong version , I love the results.

by twodaycarpenter penter
Honestly,i have been using fruta planta strong version for 2 months so far,it works wonders....I have lost 19 lbs with the 2 bottles and don't have any bad feeling. I will continue to take the pills.

by Noemi Pitsikas
This is a good product, no jitters; love it so far, you can try this out.

by Debra Lopez
I've been taking fruta planta for 10 days now and i have lost 3lbs, which is really good, i am very happy with the result. I do not have any bad feeling and feel always energetic. Good pills.

I started to use this fruta planta pills one months ago. I didn't change my diet or exercise commitment, but I lost inches. I could feel the difference in my clothes. I love this product. Just have a try and you will be satisfied.

by Diane Tafoya
I am happy with this product, my job is very busy and I don’t have spare time to do exercise, it’s tired, now all I need to do is just drink much water to help this pills working, and then I can lost, today was my 18th days and I have already lost 7 pounds. Like it very much.

by Meridith Bassette
I weight 130 today, total lost 10 lbs in a month, it seems slow as I also combined exercise, going to gym 3 times per week, but that’s OK, I don’t mind the slow speed as I fell great with the health losing way

by Nobuko Squines
I used this product for 2 months now and lost 23 lbs. I did not change my diet, but i did not drink coffee and wine during taking this pills, think this pill work well. Have never felt better, recommend this to everyone!

by Eugene Selvey
I've been taking the pills for one week now let me tell u I lost 5 pounds the only thing is I always have a DRYMOUTH but that’s ok I drink lot's of water and it goes away I just hope I keep droping.

by milagros parveen
I have been using this product for several months and have lost weight. I haven't kept track of my weight but do know my clothes aren't as tight. Very pleased with this product.

by Blaire Taylor
I took this strong fruta planta about ten days ago. Since then, my appetite is still completely surppressed, I'm continuing to lose size in my waist and I'm fitting into trousers that I haven't been able to wear for two years!

by Christina Alvarado
I feel like I have a lot more energy than usual, and am not feeling bloated and tired after lunch and dinner like I usually do.i think it works for me. I encourage other women to give this a try if they are like me and have a difficult time dieting or exercising.

by Allyson Senatore
I started taking it right away, following the directions on the bottle. Within a few days I experienced more energy than I've had in a long time, and my days have been more productive since then. they do work for me. its good product.

by Poerava Bala
Great product, used for 60 days, lost 30 lbs, Feel great, less bloating. I have no hunger feeling since I have taken Fruta Planta. good product.

by Sandra vizcaino
I already received my second package , the delivery is as soon as my last one, really appreciate ,I m so happy that I will lose another 20 lbs with it

by Teresa rodriguez
This product worked for me for weight loss. After 4-5 weeks I am seeing very good results and ordered 2 more bottles.

by Maria ramirez
ive been taking Strong Version for about 3 or 4 years. I feel great, have a ton of energy.

by Kathleen wild
I take the Fruta Planta in the morning , it curb my appetite and I also gain a lot of energy. Does this mean the pill work for me ?

by Hilda Nguyen
I do feel an increase in energy and I feel they are certainly helping. I am very positive about them and i give 5 stars for the appetite suppression .

by Michael Cruickshank
This supplement gives me more energy and helps curb my cravings for sweets. Great product. It kept my appetite suppressed and helped me keep off the weight I had lost! I will purchase this product again.

by Heinrich Garza
Strong Version is wonderful!! The pills really do suppress my appetite, and have made it so that I could finally get rid of those stubborn 10 pounds that I couldn't seem to get off even with exercise. This seems to be the best I've tried.

by inga Davidson
The first week it didn't work, I guess because it was getting into my system. I will continue to use this product and you too should give it a try, you will be surprised!!!

by Angela morales
I had hoped for my clothes fitting looser based on the fat cells shrinking, the weight loss was a definite plus. What a pleasant surprise ,Thanks. I would recommend this product to everyone!

by Lori Nguyen
When the weight was returning I took Slimbionic, which did absolutely nothing. Now, I find Strong Version that would help me to lose this weight. I will recommend this right product for other people .

by helen Cruz
I feel fully energize through out the day. I eat more often but I eat less. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to drop a few pounds. It has worked well for me.

Fruta Planta Strong Version plays a double role in your health and weight loss goals . Moreover , as they are made from pure herbs ,I take the pills but do not feel any side effects. The Chinese ingredient control my appetite and help me solve the constipation . I think it is just the diet pills I need.

by ramon hollenbackhollenback
Many supplements or multi vitamins out in the market tend to upset my stomach or give me the jitters. A friend of mine told me to try Fruta Planta Strong Version. This is the first time to use this, and I have taken other diet pills but not this one before. For it , the pills worked slow for me at the beginning. Because I have taken this 2 weeks,no any difference ,I though there was something wrong. But things started to changed the third week, I suddenly feel no appetite. I don’t want to eat anything. I drink milk and take pieces of bread in the morning. I don’t want to eat lunch or dinner. Actually , it’s a little scared me. Anyway, I still have my lunch. But skip my dinner.i need to control the intake of the calorie to help the product working .

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