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Meizitang Botanical Slimming Capsule

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Meizitang Botanical Slimming Soft Gel is a popular star in the weight-loss field. It has swept across Europe and America in the past few years. According to reliable statistics, 90% of Meizitang Botanical Slimming Soft Gel users have experienced obvious effects in 7 to 15 day!

Not only reduce the redundant fat, but also supplement many kinds of amino acids like copper, phosphorus, iron, potassium, Meizitang Botanical Slimming Soft Gel make you full of energy while losing weight, dream of weight loss is no longer far away!

Proportion of Main Ingredients:
Xianxian cao-21% , Psyllium Husk-19%, Jobstears-18% , Bamboo Shoot-16% , Lotus leaf -14% , Artemisia dracunculua-12%

[Specification] 36 capsules per pack (650 mg x 12 pills x 3pcs)
[Size] 12.4 x 16.9 cm for one pack
[Valid Period] 24 month
[Dosage] Only 1 capsule per day along with plenty of water and along with a proper breakfast
[Precaution] Not for people who under 18 and above 65 year old, pregnant or lactating women, people who suffer from any other disease, such as heart disease, blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes or any other malfunctioning of the kidneys or liver etc.
[Approval code] WSJZ (2002) No. 0047
[Producing standard] GB1749-1997
[Producer] Kunming Lingcao Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.
[General Franchiser]: Kunming Dali Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

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Reduce Weight Fruta Planta

by Arnold Noel
the delivery is fast, just 4 days I got my order. The price is reasonable, and the product is original. Five stars!!!!!

by Penny Hallows
Sellers were super good, good products. I am old customer, have used other drug doesn't work, but lost about 8 pounds with only one pack of meizitang, I have been very satisfied

by Ann Ciccotti
I get great result from this product. Losing 7 lbs at the first month and 10 lbs at the second month. I am on my third pack now and looking forward for the result.

by Scott Nunez
On family party, I was surprised to find my cousin hold a great jump on her weight! She told me she has taking this pill for about 3 month, and lost 30 pounds! so i decide to buy some to have a try, i lost 5 lbs now, just 2 week. like it.

by Adolfo Otasevic
After taking this pills for about 3 months, I'm back at my perfect weight without cravings or feeling deprived. i like it very much.

by Damian Courtney
I've tried a couple of other diet pills before and now i think this meizitang is the best for me. This is a good product, clean no jitters. i feel good everyday and feel less hungry. it curb my appetite very well and will continue to take it.

by Joyce Denny
I do exercises everyday, for about 2 hours. After taking this pills, i do not feel hungry as before and have more energy during the whole day. I am satisfied, though my goal is not to lose weight as i did exercises, but this pills makes me feel less hungry. Like it.

by Susan Valdez
It doesn’t taste nice but it works nice :) The capsule is difficult to swallow. My friends are also taking it , we began at the same day last Monday, and now she lost 6pds, I have lost 7pds, really fantastic, you can give it a go.

by maria martin
I lost 11lbs in a month by taking this Meizitang Botanical. At first, I did not change my diet and did not do exercise. But to get better result, I am eating healthily now, I hope I will lose 40lbs in the next 3 months.

by Tatum Castro
I’m so happy!! I weight today and find that I have lost 4 lbs, just a week. it gave me much motivation! I have shared it with my friends. Tks very much, really good product…

by Kory Krejcik
So far so good. This amazing pills helped me lost 23 lbs in half and a month and did not make me sick. I believe in what the customer service said and will continue to take the pills.

by Almeta Temples
Having taking this pills for a month, I lost 9 lbs, without any change in my daily life. So I will continue to use it even when I lose my last 10 lbs because I like the way I feel. No bad feeling so far.

by Kate Stanzione
I taken this pills for a week now, every week down 2 lbs. I am satisfied with the result as there is no side effects for me. That is good for me, I don't want to go crazy, little by little is OK.

by Genny Sharkey
This pill seems to work for me, and for sure reduce my appetite. I like to take it in the morning, also more effective to do some exercise after taking this, I lost 13 lbs in the first month and will continue to take it.

by Leeanna Donadio
At first, I am impatient to wait the reply from the customers, I can not understand why I contact them online at daytime, no one answered me. I was not happy but I can get their answer by email, suddenly I understand the time difference, they are from China. I am satisfied with the pills and customer service.

by Errol Mazzarella
I had to have frequent bathroom visit, I combined exercise as I thought it make weight-loss faster, so far I have lost 9kg, much satisfied. Looking for my sec pack coming soon

by Terese Pottorff
Already lost 10 pounds now, HAPPY, I got it nearly nearly 3 weeks ago, i take a pill before breakfast everyday, feel very good. I will recommend it to my students, who is overweight and need to lose weight urgently.

by Gracie Luker
I lost 19 lbs in 2 month by taking this amazing product. I have never felt better. My ideal weight is 100lbs and I am now 115 lbs, I only have one box left and I decide to do exercise now, I hope with the pills, I would achieve my goal in weight.

by Knappe Penter
This is my first time ordering from here and I do not know how to place my order, though they did not have call service, but the online-chat service told me how to do and I feel good. Thanks.

by Evalyn Birchfield
I took the pill last month and lost weight but I got them from a friend. Then I asked the website she ordered and I ordered 6 boxes myself. I get my pills today and I will take my pills since tomorrow. Hope they can help me get a better body shape.

by Chanell Helmuth
As I've reach a plateau in my weight loss strategy, I also feel Meizitang is a good jump start to continue to lose weight. I've noticed that my sweet cravings are greatly reduced and yes, and i eating less, I have smaller appetites.

by Robert Klaustrup
It is by no means a miracle weight loss pill, but if you take it correctly in time it does seem to work. I would recommend these, just don't expect to lose a large amount right away, it does take a little time.

by karina azanza
I've struggled with my weight most of my life so this is exciting. Give it a try if you're wanting something to give you a new edge.

by Allison Hoyos
When multiple companies provide the same product (or basically the same product) what differentiates one from another is price and service. The price on this website is great. The customer service is outstanding! and i also have done research. it seems many people order from this website. im really happy about it.

by Fausto Khonji
Although I've only lost 4 pounds in three weeks, there is a noticeable difference in my figure. I'm still pear-shaped, but I'm a smaller pear. I m glad that I used this and I decide to increase the dosage. Ill take it twice a day. I just hope I can lose more in short time.

by Andrea Morales
I have been on Meizitang for a week now and YES I have seen and felt changes in my body... In a week I have lost 2lbs with NO change in my eating habits and I feel more energized throughout the day.

by edith gonzalez
Some friends and I are training to run a 5k on June 15, I hope to be 20-30 lbs lighter by then. And I also I love the customer support.

by Rosemary Stockwell
Meizitang is appetite suppressant . I have taken this for nearly a month, the first feeling for me is lower appetite. i like it.

by Tania Harty
I have noticed increased energy and just generally feeling in better mood and more motivated. I don\'t expect miracles. But this one is good.

by Andrea deluna
Energy is stimulated along with alertness and even strength. I am very impressed. at nature wise !!! I have been working out lightly but nothing extreme. I recommend this product

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